Laser Glass Processing

Cutting, welding, fusing, carving, engraving, cracking…

FEHA CO2-Laser technology

CO2 laser with special characteristics like the ones of FEHA Laser Tec GmbH offer the opportunity to find innovative processing. For many years FEHA has been acquiring experiences in laser processing of quartz, borosilicate and soda-lime glass.

Advantages of FEHA CO2 laser technique

  • Great variety to regulate the laser power (from 8% … 100% nominal power) to create sensitive and stable processes avoiding micro cracks
  • Highest and most stable beam quality covering the whole laser performance range (from 8% … 100%)
  • High degree of beam focusability up to 100µm beam width
  • Dimensioning, assembling and installation of beam forming and beam guidance device from laser to glass product
  • Extensive knowledge of the characteristics of glass in interaction with CO2 laser beams
  • Collaboration in development and support with customer or machine integrator



Application examples

Laser glass processing with FEHA- Lasers

Robot based laser processing of borosilicate glass

World first


In close cooperation with our partner – company Trebbin GmbH, being a special glass processing manufacturer with only one FEHA CO2 lasers and ABB robots – a manufacturing cell for welding, fusing and engraving of borosilicate glass has been successfully developed and launched in 2013. Until then those parts had been made manually by glassblowers.

ROBU Glasfilter Geräte GmbH uses this innovative technology and rises above the competition’s products regarding quality, purity and reproducibility.

Laser based cracking of glass caps in drinking glass production

More than 10 years ago, together with its customer Ritzenhoff AG, FEHA developed a new laser technology for the industrial production of drinking glass. In this process two laser beams crack the cap of the drinking glass at the same time, achieving an edge quality that needs no or little final grinding. Our customer could dramatically reduce costs by decreasing the rejection rate and lowering the grinding time.

Cutting and welding of quartz glass

FEHA cooperated in the development, delivery and startup of many laser units for cutting and welding of quartz glass tubes.

Besides the CO2 laser, FEHA has dimensioned the optical beam projection to the material and supplied the relevant beam forming and beam guidance components.


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