MICROSTORMTM    -  Powerful Q-switched Short Pulse CO2-Laser

The MICROSTORM™ is a Q-switched short pulse high power CO2 laser. With this device we succeeded in combining the advantages of a short pulse laser with the wave length of a CO2 laser – not only the known 10,6 µm, but also other possible wave lengths in the range of 9…11µm can be realized. This product is available from now, more versions will follow within the next months.

This product offers completely new dimensions in pulse peak power, pulse width and pulse frequency. All parameters are adjustable in a wide range so that the laser process can be adapted optimally to the application.

This is made possible by the patented principle based on the splitting of the laser resonator in a Q-switched branch with low power and a high power branch which will be outcoupled. In the low beam power branch Q-switching can easily be realized with optical switches like modulators or choppers.

The convenient option of Q-switching uses Acousto-optic modulators (AOMs) for a very flexible control of the pulse operation. The pulse frequency can be freely selected from cw up to 150 kHz. Pulse groups or single pulses can be generated. The pulse form can be varied in a flexible way.

For easier applications with clearly defined pulse sequences a more cost-effective version with fixed parameters can be delivered. In this case the pulse sequence is being realized with a chopper disk in the Q-switched branch.

Therefore, for the first time, a tool with extraordinary features is available for material processing. The mentioned features in combination with extraordinary beam quality typical for FEHA CO2 lasers, guarantee high quality in material processing. Moreover, the high middle performance of up to 350W enables high process productivity.

Operators will open up entirely new laser material processing possibilities with the MICROSTORM™ or solve processes faster and more cost-effective. Especially for the processing of critical materials like different kinds of glass, carbon fiber- or glass fiber-reinforced plastics or special ceramics will open new doors which seem to have been reserved only to short pulse lasers of shorter wave length.

We have just begun to explore the opportunities of this laser. Please check our website for first examples of interesting applications.

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